Drivetrain & Clutch


— When your clutch goes out you’re literally stuck. Here you will find information on our most popular clutch replacements and fitments. All prices below reflect parts and labor for only the clutch job. Extras, are extra. For example a front mount inter-cooler with water-injection will require some additional time to properly disassemble out of the way to service your clutch.

— The 2008 WRX has a know issue for a thin clutch pedal mount bracket. The bracket’s spot welds break over time and cause clicking and or squeaking sounds inside the cabin. This sound is sheet metal flexing and moving under the load of your foot. When this is at its worst, the bracket breaks completely off the firewall, and the car may not be driveable. Aftermarket clutches accelerate this defect. In late 2008, Subaru thickened the bracket from 1.0mm to 1.2mm and added an extra spot weld. The 2009 and up cars can still break this bracket if abused or a stiff aftermarket clutch is installed. For this reason, we suggest brake-pedal or firewall ‘stoppies’ or re-enforcement brackets that mount to the strut tower and brace the master cylinders from flexing. For the same reason we select ClutchMasters replacement clutches, as the pressure plate utilized features an altered fulcrum point, giving you more clamping force you need, and only a fraction of the stiff pedal that usually is associated with a performance clutch.
We are also able to repair this defect on any car to which the bracket has already broken. $900 labor with a lifetime warranty. A bracket is sometimes needed and is additional.

— The 2007-2009 Legacy GT spec.B used a 6MT similar to an STi’s. But it also uses the smaller diameter clutch found on WRX’s. You may upgrade to a large STi fitment clutch in the 6MT legacy but only if the flywheel is replaced with an STi part.

— Some 5MTs need what is known as a Snout Service Kit (TSK). because the case of the 5MT found in Subaru models is split down the long axis of the transmission, the ‘snout’ the clutch throw out bearing rides along can see excessive wear, especially from heavier clutches when more foot effort is required. This throw out bearing normally glides along this snout as you depress the clutch pedal and it engages and disengages the clutch plate. as the inside of the bearings gliding surface is plastic, it can wear down over time, and become looser as it slides on this snout. Over time, the loosened throw out bearing shifts angles as it is uses, pitching forward and backwards, dragging an edge along the snout as it is used. Wear here will make the pedal feel choppy, inconsistent, and/or sticky. Over many thousands of miles, this will cause the snout to gouge.  The cure here is the kits stainless steel sleeve that slips over the damaged aluminum snout, and an over sized throw out bearing designed to slide on the new sleeve vs the stock snout. If your car requires this TSK kit, in the future when you perform another clutch job, you will need this special throw out bearing included in this kit, as the stock ones will no longer fit. Again, this is accelerated by stiffer clutches, but can happen to any Subaru 5MT. It is not recommended to use this kit in conjunction with a n ACT clutch, or similar stiff plate clutch as the bearing was not designed for the increased load. InFront highly recommend ClutchMaster clutch kits if a performance clutch must be paired with a TSK.

— Things to keep in mind when selecting a clutch for your street car;

  • Keep in mind its use for 90% of the time. Is that sitting in morning traffic?
  • Are you planning to launch it?
  • Track or sport use?
  • Mileage or life of concern?
  • Do you NEED an upgraded clutch?

— With at least a dozen high quality brands to pick from… Which clutch kit do you choose? InFront Automotive has years of experience fine tuning our selection of clutch kits for your specific application and use. The kit the Auto-x buff needs in his 400+ awtq producing STI isn’t necessarily what you want in a stage 2 WRX you daily drive.

— Don’t hesitate to contact us for help selection your clutch. In most cases, this job is completed in less than one day.

InFront Clutch Install Special

— 5/6 SPEED SUBARU MT $550
— w/ FMIC or other equipment $600

Labor only. The clutch kit, fluids, and required gaskets are additional. (Or supply your own)



Neutral balance your clutch and flywheel for extra clutch life, engine life, performance, smoothness, and reduced stress on moving parts, especially at higher speeds

  • An imbalance of only 1/4 oz (7 grams) 4″ off center (1.75 oz/in) on the crankshaft will turn into 7 lbs of force at 2000 rpm.
  • That same 1/4 oz will turn into 114 lbs of force at 8000 rpm.
  • An EJ flywheel is about 12 inches in diameter.
  • Most engines are balanced to a tolerance of 1.5 oz/in.
  • Our tolerance is .05 oz/in.
  • Adds a half work day***


RESURFACE : $85-95

Stock flywheels are exchanged for resurfaced ones. If you have an aftermarket or lightweight flywheel installed, that unit will be resurfaced at the same cost. However, additional time to wait for your part to be machined will be required.


If you desire the fastest shift possible then a lightweight flywheel is a great addition to your clutch job. However, we do NOT recommend the installation of a lightweight flywheel on street or daily driven cars as the small increase in performance usually does not outweigh the loss in drivability. A spectacular alternative to a lightweight flywheel during this job is a lightweight driveshaft as there is virtually no drawback to its instillation and the effects are similar if not more noticeable than the flywheel. Contact us for more information.


Agency Power, Cobb, Cusco, Fidanza, Driveshaft Shop, GoFastBits, Kartboy, Moore, Perrin, Torque Solutions, Whiteline, and other makes offer shifters, bushings and other MT upgrade parts. Save time and money on labor when you have these modifications performed concurrently with your clutch install. (prices are ranges for parts, some parts add install time with a clutch job, some do not)

SHORT SHIFTER : $110 – $25
MOTOR AND MT MOUNTS $150 – $350+