Engine Repair


— If you are in need of some assistance in diagnosing and repairing the heart of your Subaru, InFront Automotive has you covered. Our years of modification and repair of these street cars gives you the advantage of identifying common problems associated with modification, as well as normal wear, tear and age. InFront offers quick and fair diagnostics and top quality repair.

— From electrical problems, to spun bearings. Chaffed wiring to leaking bypass tubes. We have seen it all. There is no job to small, or to big. There are countless configurations of stock and performance Subaru engines. Below you will find typical starting prices for labor and basic parts associated with typical jobs on stock turbo models.

— All prices listed for standard services are typical, and are meant only as an outline. InFront Automotive services all Subaru Models from 1990 to present. Some services listed may not be available or applicable for your vehicle. The price of any service may vary depending on your specific vehicle, damages, modifications, or special needs and requests. Please contact us for a detailed and personalized quote on any service or upgrade.


EJ : $135 / FA $165

— To start off, a basic mechanical test to ensure your engine is in good order. This test removes the spark plugs and includes an industry standard cranking compression test with a high quality test device. After a compression test is performed and the readings recorded, a leak-down test is performed where a controlled amount of compressed air is pumped into each cylinder, giving an indication of cylinder health, and an indication of compression loss, if any. The most common mind-at-ease test requested.