Engine Swaps


— InFront Automotive is well versed in engine swaps. With the JDM or USDM EJ205 being the most popular to swap due to the ease of modification and tuning the OE system has. Our swap labor includes a Lifetime Warranty on in dash and engine wiring you can be confident your custom ride will function as long as you do. See the swap gallery and information pages, and please contact us for more details and a quote.

— InFront does not typically supply engines. We encourage you to buy from a reputable seller with a comprehensive warranty. InFront provides a labor warranty and start up guarantee. But this does not include the mechanical condition of the used motor provided, either by InFront or by you/your provider.
At your request we can perform a number of checks on the engine before it is installed. Please contact us for details and a firm quote for your project.

— All prices listed for standard services are typical and include only the labor cost it takes to pull your old engine/ecu/wiring (and cross-member if needed), perform any needed changes, and install back into vehicle with the provided replacements.
— In some situations, replacing the entire wiring harness (if obtainable) is less expensive overall than merging them, e.g. A complete harness from a 04-07 STi into the front of a lesser model.
— Fluids, filters, shop supplies, gaskets, etc required to complete the job are additional.
— Prices listed include time for necessary wiring changes but not tuning time.
— Additional parts to install or maintenance performed to the engine prior to install adds time. (timing belt, valve cover job, hoses required, wiring damage, condition of vehicle or engine (rust, broken bolts, etc), new mods, turbo, inter-cooler, fuel system, etc etc).
— InFront reserves the right to charge the actual time required to complete your project at our standard rate. Contact us for a specific quote.

— Don’t see your project? Doesn’t mean we cant do it. Contact us for a quote!

2002-2005 WRX

v5-v6 JDM WRX/STi : $1200
V7-V8 (avcs) JDM WRX/STI : $1100

1993-2001 Impreza / 1990-2004 Legacy / 1997-2003 Forester

V1-6 JDM WRX/STI : $2800
V7-V8 JDM WRX/STI : $2900
USDM WRX 2002-2005 : $2900
USDM STI 2004 : $3000
USDM WRX 2006-2007 : $3100
USDM STI 2005-2007 : $3100