Lubricants & Fluids


— InFront provides any and all required fluid changes as part of your regular or severe service schedule requires. We encourage oil changes every 10 tanks of fuel to follow use of the car rather than an arbitrary mileage number. This aligns somewhat with more modern ‘oil life’ monitors some brands of vehicles are equipped with. As cars are required to be sold with a tank that establishes more than 300 miles between fill ups, 10 tanks would deliver approximately 3000 miles of driving, give or take depending on your use and specific model. If you on constantly on the highway at speed you will get higher mpg than you will on the same tank of stop and go traffic, or a day of auto-x. Oil changes should always follow use. You are never penalized for changing the oil in your vehicle before the required service increment on your model. (Sometimes this is suggested at 7500 miles). Alternatively, we suggest an oil change any time before 10 tanks if there oil appears dark and missing more than 1/2 quart.

— Oil’s job is lubrication AND cooling. Horsepower is HEAT. If you run your car 1 quart low on engine oil on your 5 quart oil pan, you’ve lost 20% of your cooling via oil. Oil is splashed on the bottoms of pistons and cylinder walls to take heat away, as well as the primary way for the valve to transfer heat into the valve guide. In the long run not having enough oil leads to higher engine temps, which is not what we want. While you wont see that in your water temp gauge, your engine still suffers.

— Bottom line, monitor your oil condition and level as it is a leading factor in engine failure and absolutely essential when trying to gain more power from your car.

— If you car seems to constantly use oil, a mechanical check to check for excess blow-by may be performed. Forged engine are typically much looser fitting and have higher amounts of blow-by, especially when run cold. We suggest [all] turbo Subaru models, but especially forged engines, to be equipped with a high quality, heated Air Oil Separator.

InFront recommends Motul fluids.

All prices listed for standard services cover most* turbo Subaru Models from 1990 to present. Some services may not be available or required for your vehicle. Your price of service may vary depending on your specific vehicle, modifications, or special needs. All regular services include:

  • Fluids checked and topped off as needed
  • Computer diagnostics scan
  • Bulb check
  • Battery and charging system tests
  • Under-hood and under-car visual inspection
  • Check / replace engine air filter as needed


labor only : $15**

**($30 : bring your filter and oil)


Technosynthese 10w40, + OEM filter


X-Clean 5w30, X-Cess 5w40, Eco-lite 0w20 + OEM filter


0w20, 5w30, 5w40, 10w40, 15w50 + OEM filter — (0w15, 0w40 and 20w60 available to order)

GReddy Racing Performance Oil Filter +$9



(drain & fill, bring your own fluid optional, AT includes front diff)

rear differential LABOR ONLY : $20**

(drain & fill, bring your own fluid optional)
**($30 if this is the only labor service to be performed)

Motul Gear 300 transmission oil : $23 / 1L

*high performance ester based full synthetic


*LS version has friction modifier additives for plate type limited slip diffs.

Motul Gear Competition 75W140 : $26 / 1L

*Protects against extreme shockloading and high operating temperatures. Contains LS modifier.



(drain and fill)
(flush for neglected systems or switching coolant types is hourly)

GREEN COOLANT : $13.5 / 1g
super coolant : $26.5 / 1g
brake flush : $50

Just like it sounds. Do it every at least other year for the street to remove water, prevent corrosion and maintain a god pedal feel. Depending on the fluid you use, or the type of use your car sees, this interval may need to be more frequent.

motul dot 5.1 : $11 / .5l
motul rbf600 : $19 / .5l
motul rbf660 : $28 / .5l
steering fluid flush : $99

Completely pump out and replace steering fluid.
Includes MOTUL DEXRON III fluid as needed.